Upcoming Club Events

For RLS Club members and guests:

Sunday, July 16, 309 Mar Vista Drive, Monterey Monterey

A salon at the home of Hugo and Maureen Bianchini, featuring members appreciation of Stevensons’s enjoyable book, “Travels with a Donkey.” Bring your favorite finger food to share. Also if you have souvenirs related to RLS’s 12 day camping trip in France, described in the book, please bring them.


August Speaker to Discuss Stevenson and the Goat Ranchers

At the end of August each year, we commemorate the anniversary of Stevenson’s arrival in Monterey with a speaker presentation related to the time he spent on the Peninsula. On Saturday, August 26, at the Stevenson House, Lindy Perez will present her research on the true identity of the two goat ranchers who discovered the very ill Stevenson in Carmel Valley, brought him to their cabin, and may have saved his life. Jonathan Wright and Anson Smith were not retired sea captains as has been claimed, but quintessential American settlers of the Monterey area in the latter half of the nineteenth century. Their lives and their characters illustrate the kind of people Stevenson would have encountered in 1879 — tough, adventurous, resourceful, and decent — with fascinating stories of their own.
We invite you to celebrate the anniversary by learning about Stevenson’s goat ranch experience and its aftermath. The event begins at 4 p.m. in the sala of the Stevenson House.

Goat barn