On-Line Books


R L Stevenson’s Books by Kellscraft Studio


A Child’s Garden of Verse

Treasure Island

An Inland Voyage

New Arabian Nights


The Silverado Squatters

R L Stevenson Books in the Internet Archive

Robert Louis Stevenson, A biography. by Isobel Strong (Field), 1911

Robert Louis Stevenson, A biography, by Margaret Moyes Black, 1898 [download only]

Robert Louis Stevenson, A biographical note, by G. K Chesterton and W. Robertson Nicholl, 1906

The Works of Robert Louis Stevenson, a collection of Stevenson’s works from the National Library of Scotland

R L Stevenson’s Books by the Association for Scottish Literary Studies

Sins and Follies: Three Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson, three early stories of Stevenson, digitally published in 2016 . The stories are “A Lodging for the Night”, “Markheim”, and “The Body-Snatcher”.

R L Stevenson’s Books at the RLS Website

Virginius Puerisque, essays including a work on marriage as Stevenson observed it and thought about it, Virginius Puerisque 1. (Virginius Puerisque means for girls and boys.)

R L Stevenson Books on Kindle

Amazon.com offers low-cost or free editions of many of Stevenson’s novels.

Charles Warren Stoddard’s Works

Exit and Entrances with first and second  chapters on Stevenson. Highly recommended!

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Annual Meeting Announced

RLS Club Annual Meeting and Dinner: Saturday, October 6th, 2018, 5:30PM – 8:30PM

Location: 1000 Hacienda Carmel, (access Carmel Valley Road to Via Mallorca to Hacienda Carmel).

Program: short meeting and election of officers followed by dinner and a presentation on RLS’ Edinburgh.

Dr. Mitchell Manson will be our speaker.  He and his friend Rex Homer, both members of the Edinburgh RLS Club, will be our guests.

Dinner menu choices are:

Sand Dabs or Chicken Piccata – please indicate your choice of food when you send your check to Ruth Krotzer.

Your reservation will be counted when your check arrives by October 1st.

Cost: $25.00 per person, payable to:

Ruth Krotzer, 3001 Jean Street, Marina, CA 93933

Please do not forget to indicate your choice of food so we can let the Chef know.

RSVP by October 1st  to rkrotzercolts@gmail.com; 831-601-1894