The R L Stevenson Club of Monterey

Visiting the Stevenson House

Due to COVID-19 the Stevenson House of the Monterey State Historic Park is not open. We will post new opening hours when available.

When open, Stevenson House visitors are greeted by docents who bring to life Stevenson’s occupancy of the House during his stay in Monterey in the autumn of 1879, and relate the other many notable uses of the building during its long history.

The Stevenson House is a two-story adobe built during the Mexican Era of Monterey. Rooms in the House hold a large number of Stevenson artifacts, including portraits, Stevenson family furniture, and personal items. Lovely gardens occupy the House grounds. The gardens are open year round 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The House is located at 530 Houston Street, Monterey, California.

In nearly two centuries of existence the Stevenson House has sheltered families, government officials, artists, writers, and fishermen. In one period as a rooming house, then called the French Hotel, Robert Louis Stevenson stayed for a few months. He had come to court his future wife, Fanny Osbourne. Stevenson was poor, in frail health and unknown; in his days in Monterey he was cared for by friends he had made there. And there Stevenson wrote the essay “The Old Pacific Capital,” a wonderfully evocative essay describing Monterey and the Peninsula of that time.