Suggest Reading for Stevenson House Docents

This reading list is based on a compilation by Michael D. Greene. It is meant to help the docents who staff the Stevenson House of the Monterey State History Park, Monterey, California learn about the man, his life and his writings. Every RLS admirer has different favorites, of course; Stevenson wrote in many styles. He remains a fascination to many people all over the world, which is why books continue to be written about him and visitors continue to come to the Stevenson House. Many of these books are no longer in print, but are available in  local libraries, or used bookstores, or can he purchased online. For digital versions of Stevenson biographies and his writings see On-Line Books on this website.

Books about Stevenson (some are fictionalized)

Intimate Portrait of R.L.S., by Lloyd Osborne, (Fanny’s son), 1924

No more A Stranger, A Story of Robert Louis Stevenson (in Monterey), by Anne Fisher, 1946

Happier for His Presence, San Francisco and Robert Louis Stevenson, by Anne Roller Issler, 1949

Voyage to Windward, The Life of Robert Louis Stevenson. by J.C. Furnas, 1951

R.L.S: A Life Study, by Jenny Calder, 1980

Dead Man’s Chest: Travels after Robeert Louis Stevenson, by Nicholas Rankin, 1987

Myself and the Other Fellow, A Life of Robert Louis Stevenson, by Claire Harmon, 2005

Under the Wide and Starry Sky, A Novel, by Nancy Horan, 2013

Books about Fanny

The Life of Mrs. Robert Louis Stevenson, by Nellie Van De Grift Sanchez (Fanny’s  sister)

Fanny Stevenson, A Romance of Destiny, by Alexandra La Pierre, 1995

Books about Isobel

 The Life I’ve Loved, by Isobel Field (Fanny’s Daughter), 1920

Works by Stevenson


inland Passage; Travels with a Donkey; The Amateur Emigrant; The Silverado Squatters


Letters of Robert Louis Stevenson, edited by Ernest Mehew, 1997 (0r other collection)


Treasure Island; Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde; Kidnapped; Master of Ballantrae; The Wrecker; The Beach of Falesa; The Bottle Imp; Ebb Tide 

Short Stories:

A Lodging for the Night; The Pavillion on the Links; Will o’ the Mill; The Merry Men; Markheim; The New Arabian Nights; Thrawn Janet


A Chapter on Dreams; The Lantern Bearer; An Apology for Idlers; On Falling in Love; The Mind of Robert Louis Stevenson: Selected Essays, Letters and Prayers, Edited by Roger Rickless, 1963


A Child’s Garden of Verses; Underwoods